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We are a Southern Baptist church.  Our mission is to know Christ and to make Him known.  We would love to have you visit.  Below is a schedule of our services and our ministries.


Our Schedule
Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:00 AM
Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:15 AM
Sunday Evening Care Groups 5:30 PM
Sunday Evening Worship Service 6:00 PM
Sunday Evening Youth Worship 6:00 PM
Sunday Evening – Shield 6:16 6:16 PM
Men’s Prayer Meeting  (Mondays) 6:00 AM
Zumba (Mondays) 5:45 PM
Golden Agers (second Tuesday of each month) 10:30AM
Wednesday Evening Bible Study 6:00PM
Wednesday Evening Children’s Group 5:45 PM
Youth Meeting (Wednesday Night) 6:00 PM
Men’s Bible Study (Wednesday Night) 6:00 PM