Little is much in the hands of Jesus.

Wine jug with bread and fish

The 31:20 Project:

Proverbs 31:20 says “she opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy”.  The 31:20 Project is a simple concept of spending $31.00 to feed 20 people ($1.55 per person).  Buy bread, lunchmeat or peanut butter and jelly, individual chips and brown sacks.  Get your Small Group, Sunday School Class, Women’s Group, Men’s Group…Office Group….Whatever group and assemble the sandwich bags…Go to a low income area and bless people by meeting them where they are…Hearing their story…And sharing the love of Jesus…Or if you can’t physically go or lead a group, you can give $31.00 to TAKE 5 and note 31:20 Project.  Very simple…

HELP NEEDED TO FILL THE PANTRY!  Suggested items are, Mac&Cheese, Canned Meats, Canned Meals, Boxed Meals, Spagetti & Sauce, Canned Milk, Canned Fruits, Soups, PB&J.

Take 5 has helped our community in many ways. Here are some of the ways Take 5 has helped:

  • Providing help on utility bills for elderly and single moms
  • Food for elderly and single moms
  • Providing shelter for a homeless vet who was living on the streets
  • Providing help to a suicide victim, who prayed to receive Jesus in the church office.  Praise the Lord!
  • $1000 was given to help with funeral expenses
  • Gas for transients passing through El Dorado
  • Helping set up new housing where ministry is taking place in a neighborhood in our city
  • Providing a birthday party for an 80 year old woman who feels alone and forgotten

 Take 5 is a daily opportunity to meet people where they are, love them as they are, offer a hand of help and share the HOPE of Christ.  Thanks for giving.

All donations are appreciated and are given with care to help people in our community.  West Side is known as a church who will help.  If you would like to make a donation please note “Take 5” in the memo.  This ministry serves as an outreach to our community that meets people where they are, loves them as they are, and offers a hand of help, while sharing the great love of Jesus.  Food is always needed in the pantry.  Won’t you consider a monthly donation of $5 to Take 5?